• A robust multi-DRM solution for your content protection needs.
  • We take the complexity out of DRM by providing a single easy to use Unified API for all your DRM needs regardless of DRM technology, platform or video player used.
  • We support Widevine DRM, Fair Play DRM, Play Ready DRM.
  • We support also Widevine CAS (MediaCASv2) solution!
  • You can integrate with us using CPIX format!
  • Hollywood content owners approved - our DRM is used to secure the most popular content in the world from Hollywood studios. It was certified by them and approved to use. You might be assured using our DRM is the best way to secure your content.
  • Worldwide coverage - our DRM is based on Google Cloud Run. It’s super scalable. It can scale the number of machines while your audience grows and shrink while the number of viewers goes down.
Technical specifications:
Server infrastructure Multi-region, super scalable Google Cloud Run
SLA 99,9%
Server integration Single API
Supported methods Widevine DRM, Fair Play DRM, Play Ready DRM
Common Encryption (CENC) Yes
Supported playback use cases Live, VOD