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August 2, 2021

Blue Online platform is family friendly

During the holidays, when parents are working, their children often spend time in front of a TV or computer screen. The Blue Online platform created by Proexe provides the possibility of introducing parental control, which affects the safety of content that reaches the youngest viewers. 

Home alone

Holidays is a time when our children can rest, but are also exposed to various dangers. One is pornographic content or movies with a great deal of cruelty or brutality that are not hard to come across on the Internet. Our children should be properly protected against them and not experience anything that could negatively affect their psyche.

Safe TV 

The Blue Online platform created by Proexe has the option of introducing parental controls, so that the youngest viewers do not have access to content that is inappropriate for them. The parent can define which programs will be unavailable to their child and create a PIN code with which the blocking can be lifted. 

Vectra's wide offer for the youngest 

Proexe has created the VOD and Smart TV Vectra platform, where a 50% discount applies to all of the Disney catalogs until the end of August this year. In addition, Smart TV Vectra offers a special Kids zone, and the company has prepared a VODusie package for the youngest viewers with carefully selected cartoons and series for children. Each month, the package is enriched with 50 new episodes of movies and series. 

Child-friendly TV

Always, not only during holidays, it is worth taking care of what our children are watching. Let holidays be a time for them when we don't have to worry about what they have access to and how it might affect them. Let the movies and cartoons develop their imagination, teach friendship and create a friendly environment for development.

Elżbieta Pawelec

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