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March 23, 2023

Development of AI tool for film library by PROEXE

Proexe has recently developed a highly sophisticated AI-based GUI dashboard for the National Polish Film Library. This dashboard enables movie analysis with advanced AI algorithms in a simple and straightforward way. The scope of this AI-based dashboard includes various algorithms such as actor classification, animated character classification, architecture recognition, place of action recognition, adult scenes detection, emotions recognition, sound recognition, music recognition, vulgarism detection, transcription, translation, OCR, and machine reading.

The detection, recognition, and classification algorithms provide tags defined as time intervals of the object's existence within the movie. These results are then used to power an advanced AI search engine, allowing registered users of to find the movie by objects displayed within it. Additionally, classic search by title (or its fragment) is also supported.

The transcription and translation features eliminate the need for extensive subtitle work. The subtitles are prepared directly by the algorithms and attached to the movie. OCR also helps to read illegible or distant texts, while vulgarism detection allows for the automatic jamming of swear words. Machine reading generates the soundtrack from subtitles.

In cases where the GUI operator deems the quality of actor or animated character insufficient, they can decide to manually tag their faces or upload their pictures and fine-tune the algorithms. Additionally, the operator can create their own tags for the movie.

This AI-based dashboard for movie analysis allows for the efficient and cost-effective analysis of hundreds, if not thousands, of movies in the future. All the algorithm results and registered user actions are used to calculate recommendations tailored to the user preferences and behaviour.

This innovative and state-of-the-art project is set to revolutionise the way movies are analysed and searched for, providing a powerful tool for film enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Lennart Schüssler

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