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July 6, 2022

Launch of Red GO platform

A new player has entered the Polish streaming market, and it's called RED GO. Created by Red Carpet Media Group in collaboration with Proexe, the platform offers a diverse range of films, from classic cinema masterpieces to new releases in various genres. 

The platform is accessible via its responsive website, which allows for optimised viewing on devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, the platform will soon offer dedicated solutions for both mobile devices and TV receivers, as well as access to "live" broadcasts in the PPV model. Red Carpet used Blue Online, a platform developed by Proexe, as the foundation for the development of their own streaming platform, Red Go. The Blue Online platform provided a solid infrastructure for managing and delivering video content.

The RED GO platform offers a vast selection of classic horrors, including Daria Argento's masterpieces, as well as some of the best zombie movies ever made, signed by Italian master of horror cinema, Lucio Fulci. Silent cinema fans can also find some of Charlie Chaplin's best titles on the platform. Additionally, fans of American and Italian westerns, French and Italian masterpieces, kung-fu films, blaxploitation films, and films bordering on erotica and horror will find plenty to enjoy. 

RED GO plans to premiere almost 200 hours of movies and series by the end of this year, including 100 film and series premieres in 2023. With its wide range of classic and new films and series, RED GO is sure to capture the hearts of true cinema connoisseurs and casual moviegoers alike.

Lennart Schüssler

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